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January 16, 2017 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone

#YouReapWhatYouSow #TheTrinamicDuo

Sorry for the late email! We went down to Malibu Lake this morning, to get a surprise from Dad. Might as well talk about it now. Well, Dad, I know one of your favorite TV Shows is M.A.S.H. And, it just so happens that the site where they filmed the show is in.....Malibu Lake. Just a short little mile hike into the place. So, attached are some pictures of what the place looked like. It was fun, maybe we can come and visit it if we come to the mission in the summer. 

This week has been fun! We set a goal to raise the bar this week, and we definitely did that! We have talked with a lot of people this week, and we were determined that, no matter what transfers bring, we were going to set our area up for success. So, we went to work! Our Zone somehow managed to talk with 535 people this week. Which is a lot. At the beginning of the transfer, we were talking with about 285 people per week. It's been really neat to see the progress in not only our area, but everyone else's! 

Monday we chilled at a members house for P-Day and played some ping pong, pool, and shuffleboard. It was actually so much fun. And then we had dinner at the Weinman's! They are so awesome. We did our little dinner message we have been doing with everyone, and they seemed excited to share their favorite scriptures! 

Tuesday was pretty good as well. We went tracting a bit, no one was terribly interested. Went back to go and see Sirkku, but her husband wouldn't let us talk with her, and told us to not waste our time! So, we just went and knocked and knocked and knocked. Had dinner with the Kimball's that night, and then had a lesson with Logan! We decided to go over the baptismal interview questions with him, and he nearly passed! The only things he didn't know were some things that we haven't been able to explain. He didn't show for his lesson on Saturday, and then didn't come to church. So, we will hopefully see him tomorrow night and get his rear in gear. His parents might be the only thing that could possibly hold him back. We really need to get his parents involved, because we really don't want to baptize a kid into less activity. Then we went to go and follow-up with Mark, and he was just about to leave, and so we rescheduled for the next day.

Wednesday was awesome! We went tracting a lot again. But somehow, there was different success! We talked with about 22 people, and found 4 people that said that we could come back another day. Definitely a nice change. We went by Mark again, and his Mom told him a lot of negative things about the Church, and it turned Mark off. So, that was fun. We boldly testified to him about the restored gospel and left it at that. Had dinner with the Meru's, and then Brother Meru came with us to go and see Kathleen. She is doing okay. Her father is still in rough shape. Should be able to start teaching her again this week!

Thursday was an okay day. We did Weekly Planning, and then for some reason after lunch, I got something in my eye and literally couldn't open it for two hours. It was insane. And then it just went away. It was something else. Went by some people, but no luck.

Friday was a really good district meeting all about the Restoration. It was a good one to be at. And then we tried by a lot of people, and tried to do some street contacting, but to no avail. Had dinner with the Gholdston's, and then struggled to find something to do. No one out. 

Saturday we got transfer calls at 1pm. Nothing happening with us. Elder Hunter and I will be staying and doing our 3rd transfer together! After this, we will have spent 19 weeks of our missions together. Crazy. That night we had Stake Conference. Elder Gaverette of the Seventy presided. He gave some bold counsel on missionary work and how we need to be better as a stake in bringing souls unto Christ to be baptized. It was awesome. He asked all the missionaries in the audience about PMG, and left it for anyone to answer, and so naturally I shouted out the answer from the back row. Classic. Then we gave everyone their transfer calls. Our Zone is undergoing a lot of changes, and the biggest one is that there is only going to be one district in our Zone. So, that means that every week for District Meeting, it will basically be a Zone Meeting. It's going to be fun! 

Sunday was more of Stake Conference, and getting some things together for transfers.

Life is good! Good to hear about everyone at home.

So, Mom, my plan seems to be to do Pathways when I get home. So, I would be able to do everything online. Now, there is an accelerated Pathways program that I can start when I am in the second semester of Pathways, and that would allow me to do BYU-I online. That would allow me to do all of my Generals online, without actually moving to Idaho. So, I was thinking about that. UofL could be a good idea though. I have permission to look into things here, so I will go and look into UofL. Might as well apply, right? Maybe G&G would allow me to room there. 

Well, I sure do love you all! Thanks for the prayers for Logan. We really appreciate it. We are excited to get that kid into the font! This is the Lord's errand, this is His Work, and I know that without a doubt. Here is the theme for this transfer:

"But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully." (2 Corinthians 9:6)

You want more? Do more. Let's go to work. 


Elder Harvey

Oh, I did buy shoes.... Now, the only pair I could find were 96 bucks.... BUT. They are shoes I will wear at home. They can be polished.

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