Saturday, 18 February 2017

January 9, 2017 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone


Gosh dang-it.

MLC. Two Exchanges. Zone Meeting. Interviews. Meeting with Stake President.

The least I could say is that this week has been wild.

I like what Dad said about not having as many meetings on his mission. We have had so many things going on this transfer, we are lucky that our area is doing so well. But, still, it needs to be better! 

Well, Mom, I couldn't find any shoes because of my wonderful feet, and the terrible selection of shoes at Ross and Target. Annoooooyyyying. My shoes should work though. It's been raining all weekend though. So I slip like crazy. But maybe I will buy some shoes if I get transferred next week. My watch is doing well! It should last me the rest of the mission. Shirts are working wonderfully. 

So, Monday was the same old stuff. Nothing exciting happened. We went to dinner with the Batty's that night. He was just called as the new Elders Quorum President, and he's really excited to go and rescue the Less-Active. So we talked about that a little bit. We have also been going around and having the members share with us their favorite scriptures, and then committing them to sharing them with their friends! It's been so much fun. People have been really latching onto it. This is the week when we follow up and keep this thing going! Logan and his family didn't show up to the LaBass' for FHE. His Mom got strep throat again. But we had a good visit with Bishop and his wife! 

Tuesday was MLC. I always love those meetings. This one was interesting. We practiced facilitating a council and then had a council on obedience. But no one wanted to talk about specific things that we could be more obedient on. So nothing really came from it, but that's okay. We also got notification that the way the MLC does exchanges would be changing. In the past, we would have the companionships change and then go to their separate areas. However, now, Zone Leaders will be bringing both sets of missionaries into their ward to work there! It sounds confusing. But it makes sense in my head. It will be a fun change. We also talked about repentance, and that was awesome. Had dinner that night with the Francom's, and then had a lesson with Logan on the Word of Wisdom. He wanted it to be short, so we kept it short and he committed to living the Word of Wisdom!

Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder DeGraw again. It went okay. We had a good time. I ran a mile that morning on the elliptical in their gym. Went out to Malibu Lake. I am curious to know if Dad knows what is in Malibu Lake? I will send him pictures next week. :) Anyways. Not much happened. We exchanged back early so Elder Hunter and I could plan Zone Meeting, and then we had dinner with Brother Meru. Then off to exchange again! 

Thursday I was on exchanges with the Assistants! I was with Elder Swenson in Ventura. Him and I click real well. We talked a lot about obedience. Contacted a lot of people, walked around a lot, and yeah. Had a lesson with one of their Less-Actives that actually turned into her committing herself to reading two chapters of the Book of Mormon a day! And yeah. It was a great day. Much needed as well.

Friday was Zone Meeting. We had an awesome council on obedience. Got a lot done with that one and addressed some specific changes that needed to take place in the Zone. The Assistants came to that one too. It was a good one. Elder Hunter talked about raising the bar, and I talked about repentance. It was scary, the spirit that came into the room. You could really feel the love that Christ and Heavenly Father had for everyone in that room. We then went contacting at an apartment complex that Elder Peart tried last transfer and he didn't find success. Well, we talked with 11 people, and found a really solid potential named Mark! He is a Senior in High School, and was really interested in the Book of Mormon and coming to our church instead of his in San Jose! That night, we then went and did our Weekly Planning Session. 

Saturday morning we set up for our Zone's interviews with President and Sister Felix, and then greeted them. Did our studies. Oh, that morning I made the best eggs of my life. I crack the eggs in the bowl, put some salt and pepper in it, some cheese, and then....... honey and sriracha. They don't taste like eggs at all. It's incredible. I love it so much, I will make them when I get home. SO GOOD. Our interviews went well. Nothing too crazy happened. Then we had lunch with some Elders, and went to work! Nothing was really working our for the most part, and then we had to get together our report for the Stake. Had another short lesson with Logan. Read about Nephi and Laban. Fun times. Not sure how much he is progressing, he didn't come to church. We will see. 

Sunday morning. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings. We met with the Stake at 8. That was fun. I love President Jordan. He is so funny and loving, but really bold at the same time. He has some high ambitions for the Stake this year. 96 baptisms. He put together a presentation to show the Stake, and in it he shows the Because He Lives video. It's unthinkable. Unfathomable. 96 baptisms in a year in a Stake? It's going to be hard. But holy, is it ever going to be worth it. I love the drive. Then we went to Ward Council, and had church. President and Sister Felix decided to come to our ward on Sunday too! So that was cool. They will be in town for Stake Conference this weekend too. Had dinner, and then watched the YSA Broadcast. It was neat, I got to see some old friends. Enrico, the EQP in the YSA Ward when I was there, expressed his appreciation to Elder Parkinson and I for sharing some scriptures with him when he needed it. And I also got to see Allison, one of the RC I taught! It was great.

Well, the weeks never seem to slow down, but this next one is one where we will be raising the bar, that's for sure. What we are going to do this week is something that hasn't been done in our Zone yet, and we are ready to set the example for these missionaries. Dad, thanks for the reminder about loving correction. I have been trying to do that, but sometimes, people look for the hate in even the most loving phrases. I have been hearing that people are feeling like we are focusing too much on their faults and improving what we are bad at, and that they have a problem with that. But, Elder Hunter and I are trying our best to be the most bold and loving that we can be. It's time to step up to the plate. I have been working harder and harder than I ever have before, and I am ready to hit a home run sometime soon. Even if I go out swinging, I will step off that plane knowing that I played a full 9 innings. 

Sure do love you all! I will see if I can find shoes today. We will see. Have fun freezing your butts off! 


Elder Harvey

PS: Elder Hunter says he is sohrry for making fun of your accents.

About to brave the rain...

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