Saturday, 18 February 2017

December 26, 2016 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone


Merry Festivus!

Well, this week has probably been one of the most hectic of my mission! It's been fun though. It's always a good thing to have such a supportive and close companion when you have to deal with so much going on! Perks of being with a companion for a second time. Despite everything that has been going on, we have been able to have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, it's also POURED RAIN ALL WEEK. I forgot to mention that yesterday. It's been amazing. 

Let's go through the week really quick:

Monday. We didn't do much. I was still a little sick, and Elder Hunter was starting to be sick. So that was no fun. We had dinner at the Chapple's house, and that turned out to be a tostada eating contest. If you don't know what that is, it's a fried tortilla, and you just stack salsa and sour cream and cheese and all that taco junk on top and eat it. I made it to 6. I was so full. Brother Chapple and his partner from work both ate 11. It was incredible. Was a fun night though! Love that family.

Tuesday was real simple. Elder Hunter was sick, so we stayed in all day with the Spanish Elders, who were also sick. 

Wednesday we had a Zone Conference and Christmas Devotional out in Simi Valley! It was awesome to see some good friends that I haven't been able to see in such a long time. But, it was pretty neat. We watched a little bit of the Polar Express, and tried to find analogies to the gospel from it. Then, we went into the gym before lunch and....surprise! Every missionary at the conference had a baby picture on the wall, and we were given a sheet to try and guess who was who. And, typically, as soon as I walked in the door, there I was. Number 1! It was fun. Then we had a talent show thing, and the Assistants had me drink 3 cups of syrup. Yummy.... Not. But it was hilarious. I had a temple recommend interview from President Felix right after, and that went well. It was so neat to hear those questions again and to think about how well I am doing and how I look in the sight of the Lord. We had dinner, and then we taught Logan about Spiritual Maturity, using an example of David and Goliath. It was a really neat lesson! He is doing well, although he didn't make it to church yesterday, which was sad. 

Thursday. All of our appointments fell through, and we basically didn't get to do much either. Weekly Planning, and trying to find time to actually go and talk with people, which we did. 2 people. Whoop! That evening, we went up to Camarillo and went to a baptism of someone who Elder Hunter used to teach! It was a really great service. Spirit was so strong! 

Friday. WE HAD SO MANY GREAT PLANS. But, alas, it went down the toilet. Elder Portillo was on exchanges in a bike area, and he ended up seriously spraining his ankle, and so we spent 3 hours with him at the doctors and then waited another hour for his prescription to be filled. By the time we were out, it was time for dinner and then we went to the Spanish Elders baptism! It was neat to feel the Spirit and almost understand everything that was being said! It was also so cool to hear the baptismal ordinance performed in Spanish. Spirit was definitely there! 

Saturday we decided to go and drop some goodies on the doorstep of everyone in the Zone, and that was fun. Then we had just a crazy turn of events when we found out some things and the Assistants came down and we did some sneaky detective shtuff. Fun night actually, the Assistants are some really good friends of mine. We then had dinner with the Turner's, and afterwards they took us to go give some food to a homeless man. It was a humbling experience, and I felt the love of the Savior emanating from the tiny group of disciples. Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Day. How fun. Our service was just full of music and the Spirit. It was so special to be able to partake of the sacrament on the day that we celebrate the birth of Him whom we adore. We called home, which was so much fun, and then we had dinner with the Chapple's again! Great family. 

The Spirit I have felt this week has been incredible. I love being so close to my Savior and being able to feel Him so near. Jesus Christ came, He truly did, in the most humble of circumstances. Yet, He grew to become the Savior of the World. I know that. Without a doubt in my mind. He atoned for my sins, for my sadness, for my broken heart, for my every fallen moment. He. Experienced. All. And what an incredible feeling to know this, through the Holy Ghost. 

New Year's is fast approaching, and so is the downhill stretch. Let's go give 'em heaven. It was so great to see all of your faces yesterday.

Love you guys! Have an amazing week!


Elder Harvey 

Christmas parcels waiting to be opened...

New Christmas PJ's

New Christmas Sweater

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