Saturday, 18 February 2017

January 30, 2017 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone



There have been some huge changes this past week in our daily schedule and the key indicators that we report into Salt Lake! We had the missionary broadcast on Wednesday, which was very enlightening and very spiritual, and basically meetings Thursday and Friday. 

Glad to hear everything is going well at home! Weird that this will be my last SuperBowl on my mission. Let's go Pats! My return date is June 28th. And haven't really noticed anything with any of the political matters going on! It's really died down a lot. 

So, Monday I was still sick. Went to District Activity, and just sat there and wrote some letters. Forgot to send them though so expect a letter sometime soon! One of the Sisters mentioned that I looked like death. Always good to hear that. Didn't really do anything else the rest of the night.

I thought I was going to feel better by Tuesday, but alas, I didn't feel any better. Which sucks, but it was a good day. Ended up going on a blitz that night with Elder McCurdy, because there was no way I was going to be able to go to dinner AND teach Logan. So we just hung out at our apartment. Got some different drugs, and things were better by Wednesday morning! 

On Wednesday we were able to sit in on a meeting of the Missionary Executive Council, broadcast live from Salt Lake. It was amazing. They went over the Doctrine of Christ, as they did last year, and expounded on some of the things they taught. I learned a lot about how I shouldn't treat the Gospel of Jesus Christ as five separate "steps." Rather, they are all one Gospel! Sometimes we think that we need to focus on one things at a time in order to become a better person, but you can't focus on just one thing! If you increase your faith, you are going to repent more, and you are going to desire making covenants. No matter any of the steps, they are inseparable. I loved learning from Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, and Elder Andersen. And then, it was announced that we have been given more flexibility in our daily schedule. Nothing too big with that, we are just able to choose where we put some things like Companion Study, and every mission in the world is able to adapt the schedule however they like in order to meet the needs of the mission. Also, our P-Day schedule was changed! So, we started P-Day this morning at 8! Got all of our cleaning and laundry done, and then went and played some basketball. Not doing anything too crazy, don't worry. Just running around really. I need to get some sweat in! Also, they reduced the number of key indicators that we report. We now only report people: Baptized and Confirmed, With a Date, Who have come to sacrament, and new investigators. It's a pretty big change, seeing as the previous schedule has been in place probably since Dad has been out (so about 10 years ago.......). That night, we went and saw Logan again and taught about the importance of church attendance. He seems like he is progressing, but things just are moving slow. He doesn't have a real desire to come to church, he would rather play video games. So, we will see what we will do. He has a testimony, and he knows that the church is true. Just hard because he has no parental support. 

Thursday we went to MLC to discuss the changes. It was a good meeting! Then, we planned Zone Meeting that was supposed to take place the next day. Oi Vei. Not a lot of planning at all. 

Zone Meeting went well on Friday. Spirit was there, no one really had any questions. After Zone Meeting we helped Sisters VanDerWatt and Barnum move into a new apartment with Elder and Sister Floyd. So that was fun! I love moving people. Then we had dinner with the Single Sisters in our Ward, and they are just a riot. So funny to be around. Then we had our Weekly Planning Session. AND WENT TO BED AT 9:30. I think I forgot to mention that. We plan in the morning now, and so it's being encouraged to go to bed anywhere in between 9:30-10:30. Awesome stuff. 

Saturday was a money day! We were able to meet with William and Anthony finally. Elder Peart and I taught them my first day, and haven't been able to meet with them since! We finally grabbed their attention, and they didn't know that there were more lessons. William is around 40 and Anthony is 8. Anyways, we taught them about the Plan of Salvation! William loves the Book of Mormon, says that he feels the spirit whenever he reads, and that the doctrines taught within it have helped him with many aspects of his life the past few months. It was amazing to hear someone so prepared by the Lord to accept this message. He agreed to praying, and to being baptized once he finds out for himself that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that we hold the authority to baptize. However, he lives JUST outside of our area, so we are going to have to pass them off to another set of missionaries. Nothing else really happened that day. A lot of rejection. We went again to follow up with Sirkku, that Finnish lady that we gave the Book of Mormon to, and her husband answered the door again. He wasn't too happy. He got all up in my face and Elder Hunter was ready for me to get a black eye. It was interesting. He got so mad, and I just laughed. We are just knocking on a door, and he said we were interfering with his relationship. So, whatever. Not going back there again! Very hard hearted. 

Sunday was our Ward Conference, and President Jordan introduced the Plant, Nourish, Harvest focus areas for the Stake for 2017. I love it so much. Bishop LaBass spoke on repentance, and I learned a lot from his talk. I also studied about diligence and hard hearts in my studies. Just a spiritually intune day! Oh, so we got a random text from a guy. Couldn't open it, but long story short, ended up calling him and teaching him about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration! He was interested in missionaries coming over and talking with him, so we got his address and sent it over to Ventura! Just a neat little coincidence....not! 

But yes, it's been a great week! Nothing too exciting, but that's just the way we like it! Hopefully everything is going well, and that you all have an amazing week! Love you all! 


Elder Harvey

Elders Hunter, McCurdy, Emerson and Harvey

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